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L'Étrange Festival - XXIInd edition - September 7 - 18 2016 -
L'Étrange Festival - XXIInd edition - September 7 - 18 2016
Version française
Jodorowsky's Cryptocinema

Jodorowsky's Cryptocinema

Saturday 10 september 2016 et 15h30, Forum des Images, showroom 300

In 2010, the director of El Topo, Santa Sangre and The Holy Mountain came to L'Étrange Festival for an hallucinatory and hallucinating carte blanche. On that occasion, he had decided to decipher, through his mystic look, a classic, who was taking a whole new meaning. On the occasion of the screening of Endless poetry, his new film, we are delighted to offer a new crypto-screening by the master of ceremony Alejandro Jodorowsky, which is already one of the most awaited moments of the festival.

Gaumont seen by L'Étrange Festival

Gaumont seen by L'Étrange Festival

The oldest film production company in the world, Gaumont is also the distributor of an eclectic catalogue. Synonymous of quality, the firm has collaborated with the best technicians, crafting a wide variety of films, from the most popular, in the noble sense of the word, to more bold and confidential titles. As soon as the silent film era, the company, founded by Leon Gaumont in 1895, with its famous daisy (as a tribute to the founder’s mother) knows some box office successes, such as the serials Fantomas or Louis Feuillade’s Vampires, or original works from Alice Guy (said to be the first female director ever), Jacques Feyder, Marcel L’Herbier and Raymond Bernard.

With the first talkies, the competition of Hollywood, followed by the evolution of technology and formats have been serious blows to many French production companies. Gaumont managed to survive these crisis and reinvents itself, while offering to its most faithful directors a certain freedom within the system. This is how Georges Lautner could make the poisonous Galia and The road to Salina ; Michel Deville was able to direct the radical Dossier 51, Werner Herzog could pay his tribute to Murnau’s Nosferatu and Michel Hazanavicius reinvented and diverted OSS 117. Gaumont also produced Louis Malle’s Black Moon, Jean Epstein’s Fall of the House of Usher or The Devil's hand by Tourneur, obvious evidence of Gaumont’s thirst for bold films. Here are 14 cases of it, through an anthology curated by our team.

All screenings will be attended at the Gaumont Les Fauvettes theater, in partnership with the festival.

L'Étrange Musique

L'Étrange Musique

Friday 16 september 2016, 20h00, Forum des Images, showroom 500


Retour de flamme

Retour de flamme

Sunday 18 september 2016 at 16h15, Forum des Images, showroom 300.

A new exclusive screening with the amazing Serge Bromberg, who will introduce us to the newly restored version of a jewel of Cinema.

Screening in partnership with Lobster Films.