A winter's tale

Becky and Tommi, a young derelict couple, and the very charismatic and invasive Marek have formed a terrorist group targeting immigrants living in Germany. Little by little, as the trio's sentiments are revealed, they embark on a relentless and bloody rampage.

If you're looking for a tame, harmless conventional film, please step away. With this complex shocking and disturbing film, Jan Bonny draws a portrait of Germany from angle he never judges and that upsets our certainties. This rare filmmaker (Gegenüber; his first and previous feature film was made in 2007)  brings us one of this edition's more precious titles.

Wintermärchen. 2018. Color. 125mn. Original version with English subtitles. Germany. Drama.
Directed by: Jan Bonny. Produced by: Bettina Brokemper. Production design: Julia Maria Baumann. Screenplay by: Jan Eichberg, Jan Bonny. Editing: Stefan Stabenow. Photography: Benjamin Loeb. With: Thomas Schubert, Ricarda Seifried, Jean-Luc Bubert.
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