In order to cure patients suffering from amnesia, Professor Humlum decides to take them to the seaside. Having noticed that people saved from drowning had seen their lives flash by just before the fatal moment, he has the idea that trying this on his patients might help them recover.

Jean Michel Roux

Amnesia : Despite its title, I still remember this short film seen... 30 years ago and invisible since. It was before the web. The malicious director explored the fake documentary genre so well, that I believed this scientific experiment to be real. It's troubling and ambiguous, using a bizarre photographic texture coming from old outdated negatives of unknown origin.

Amnesia. 1985. Color. 20mn. French. France. Comedy.
Directed by: Pierre-Henry Salfati. Production design: Olivier Louis. Screenplay by: Pierre-Henry Salfati. Editing: Pascale Arnaud. Photography: Laurent Dailland. With: René Jullien, Delphine Borne, Stéphane Boucher.
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