Suffering from a creative block, beautiful Dezzy is struck by existential doubt coupled with a growing addiction to alcohol. Everything falls apart during a nightly journey through the Los Angeles slums...

After Almost Human and The Mind’s eye, Canadian Joe Begos is back with a film he describes as a tribute to East coast exploitation movies (William Lustig, Abel Ferrara, Larry Cohen...) to which he adds his taste for powerful imagery reminiscent of The Neon Demon, and mostly a plot close to Romero's Martin. Superbly shot in 16mm, Bliss is no doubt Joe Begos' most daring film.

Bliss. 2019. Color. 80mn. Original version with French subtitles. USA. Thriller, Horror.
Directed by: Joe Begos. Produced by: Joe Begos, Josh Ethier, Lyle Kanouse, Caroline Metz, Graham Skipper, Audrey Wasilewski. Screenplay by: Joe Begos. Editing: Josh Ethier. Photography: Mike Testin. Music by: Steve Moore. With: Tru Collins, Dora Madison, Rhys Wakefield.
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