Satan's sadists

The Satans, a lawless biker gang led by the ruthless Anchor, cross the American desert spreading chaos and unlawfulness, leaving victims and corpses in their wake.

To complement David Gregory's documentary shown in the Festival, we're showing one of Al Adamson's most famous movies, a negative image of Easy Rider of sorts released a few months before Dennis Hopper's film. Benefitting from Russ Tamblyn's presence, this low budget production, not without charm, will delight grindhouse movie amateurs.

Satan's sadists. 1969. Color. 86mn. Original version with French subtitles. USA. Road movie.
Direction: Al Adamson. Production: Al Adamson, Samuel M. Sherman. Screenplay: Dennis Wayne. Editing: Gary Graver. Photography: Gary Graver. Music by: Harley Hatcher. With: Russ Tamblyn, Kent Taylor, Scott Brady.
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