Dear festival goers, 

The sanitary context which affects us all these last months has compelled us to implement rules and recommendations we strongly advise you to follow in order to ensure the festival takes place in conformity with governmental regulations :

-Entrance to the Forum des Images and screening rooms will be through a specified door (the left one). Same goes for exits (the right door). 

- Queueing being prohibited inside the Forum des Halles, waiting time prior to ticket purchase will take place in the Forum des Images hall, located left of the reception and ticket counters. 

- Masks (surgical or cloth, no Batman or Bozo masks) are mandatory in the alleys outside and in the projection theaters, and in the commodities.  They are mandatory during screenings. Masks will be available at the vending machine located at the Place Carrée if you don't have one.

-Seating in the dark whilst respecting social distancing appears difficult, so entry to screenings will not be possible once they have begun.

-Marks on the ground will define walking directions and distances between waiting patrons. Thank you for respecting our staff's indications and for facilitating their task.

-One seat will separate each group of viewers during screenings, groups being limited to 1 to 10 maximum viewers.

-Sanitizing gel dispensers will be at your disposal inside the Forum des Images.

-Capacity will be limited to 60% of each screening room. Reservations are hence highly recommended.

-In order to avoid too much physical contact at the Forum des Images ticket counters, online ticket booking is strongly recommended.

Have a great festival,

L’Étrange Festival