Jaloux comme un tigre

Poster Jaloux comme un tigre

Henri and Sophie could live happily, if he wasn't insanely jealous. Whatever his other half does, he's always on her back, putting their couple at risk. When Henri's boss, an inveterate philanderer, shows interest in Sophie, trouble begins...

"In 1963, defying all good sense, a banker, probably tired, decided to fund the production of a film entirely directed by yours truly. I should never have done it!" Don't believe a word ! An endearing figure of French cinema, queueing the most absurd gags one after the other, Darry Cowl transforms a sorry comedy into a surrealistic gem that calls for an urgent discovery. One of the craziest films of the 60s.

Jaloux comme un tigre.

Black and white - 86mn - French
Direction: Darry Cowl, Maurice Delbez.
Production: Jules Borkon.
Screenplay: Darry Cowl, Serge de Boissac, Jean-Marie Pelaprat, Jacques Vilfrid.
Editing: Geneviève Vaury.
Photography: Jean Fontenelle.
Music by: Darry Cowl, Jean-Michel Defaye.
With: Darry Cowl, Francis Blanche, Jean Poiret, Michel Serrault, Jean Richard, Dany Saval, Jean Yanne, Michael Lonsdale.
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