Weather Girl 12

Weather Girl

(Otenki onee-san)

Tomoaki Hosoyama

  • 1995
  • Japan
  • Comedy / Romance
  • 1h24mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
Keiko Nadachi, a bright independent young woman who likes to masturbate daily and moves using only front and back flips, is about to replace the weather girl. Everytime she raises her skirt to explain rising temperatures, ratings go up as well.
Adapted from a manga by Tetsua Adachi, Weather Girl is a wacky, regressive, unhinged, erotic comedy, announcing Sushi Typhoon. Between Pinku, satire, musicals and scatologic humor, this heady delirium is supported by an unleashed, somersaulting, onanist Kei Mizutani showing off her panty collection. First intended for TV, the film was so successful it was released in theaters a year later.


14/09 • 19h45 • Screen 100
Screening presented by Sylvain Perret



  • With : Kei Mizutani, Takashi Sumida, Yasuyo Shirashima, Saori Taira, Satoru Saitô
  • Screenplay : Tomoaki Hosoyama, from the manga by Tetsu Adachi
  • Photography : Yôichi Shiga
  • Editing : Naoki Kaneko
  • Music by : Kunihiko Ida
  • Production : Tetsuji Hayashi, Atsuhito Kaji, Yoshinori Ueno, Akihiko Yose