Youth of the Beast

Youth of the Beast

(Yazū no seishun)

Seijun Suzuki

  • 1963
  • Japan
  • Police
  • 1h27mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
Wanting to avenge his friend’s death, an ex-detective joins a yakuza gang. By subtly misleading them, he hopes to push two clans into war.
For Seijun Suzuki centennial anniversary, let's again watch this timeless classic, with gang wars choreographed as a sumptuous chaos by this stylist. We still appreciate his bold directing, his stupendous framing, and his desperate existential irony towards gangsters who become more and more ridiculous and end up killing each other. The murky plot threads slowly unwind and death is ready to strike, by the hand of virtuoso puppeteer Jo Shishido.


16/09 • 14h00 • Screen 100



  • With : Joe Shishido, Ichirō Kijima, Misako Watanabe, Mizuho Suzuki
  • Screenplay : Ichirō Ikeda, Tadāki Yamazaki
  • Photography : Kazue Nagatsuka
  • Editing : Akira Suzuki
  • Music by : Hajime Okumura
  • Production : Keinosuke Kubo