Courts party!

Poster Courts party!

Courts party!.

Color - 99mn - Original version with French subtitles
  • 4 September 2020 19:00
    Showroom 300

    Screening presented by Pascale Faure

David Russo – 2005 – USA  – Animation/Experimental
Cast : David Russo, Ingrid Ingerson, David Gehrman, Scott Jorgenson, Andrea Wollenberg. Script : David Russo. Photography : David Russo. Editing : Joe Shapiro. Music :  David Russo. Production : David Russo
Length: 5 min. Color.

David O’Reilly – 2010 – Germany/Ireland – Animation
Script : David O’Reilly et Vernon Chatman. Voices : Julian Barratt, Pearl Brilmyer, Adam Buxton, Christopher Kline, Stefanie Jones, Bram Meindersma, Tenko Nakajima, Hanayo Nakajima... Animation : Max Stöhr, Jim Levasseur, Tobias Von Burkersroda. Music :  Bram Meindersma. Production : Henning Kamm, David O’Reilly.
Length: 15 min. Color.

Donato Sansone – 2016 – France – Animation
Script : Donato Sansone. Editing : Donato Sansone. Music :  Enrico Ascoli. Production : Nicolas Schmerkin.
Length: 4 min. Color.

Nicolas Provost – 2012 – Belgium – Experimental Drama
Cast : Johan Rooms, Miet Warloo... Photography : Nicolas Provost. Editing : Nicolas Provost. Production Nicolas Provost.
Length: 23 min. Color.

Pierre Mousquet & Jérôme Cauwe – 2011 – France/Belgium – Animation
Voice: Jérôme Cauwe. Script : Arnaud Demuynck. Production : Arnaud Demuynck.
Length: 8 min. Color.

Rosto – 2008 – Netherlands – Animation
Voices: W. Folley, W. Walley... Script : Rosto. Photography : Stephan Smidt. Animation : Elte Hartland, Rosto. Editing : Rosto. Music: Rosto, Thijs De Belker. Production : Rosto.
Length: 6 min. Color.

Philippe Decouflé - 2019 – France – Dance
Cast : Meritxell Checa Esteban, Suzanne Soler, Alice Roland, Aurélien Oudot, Violette Wanty... Choreography : Philippe Decouflé. Photography : Pierre-Hugues Galien. Editing : Victoria Donnet. Music :  Antonio Vivaldi. Production : Pierre-François Decouflé.
Length: 15 min. Color.

Paul Briganti – 2015 – USA  - Comedy
Cast : Jocelyn DeBoer, Dawn Luebbe, Nick Kocher, Brian McElhaney, Mitch Magee, Paxton Booth... Script : Jocelyn DeBoer, Dawn Luebbe. Photography : Elie Smolkin. Editing : Kholi Hicks, Tim Wilkerson. Music : Samuel Nobles. Production : Briana Frapart.
Length: 15 min. Color.

Jeroen Annokkeé - 2010 - Netherlands – Comedy
Cast : Marije Uittenhout, Bert Hana, Arthur Veen, Martijn Van de Kamer, Roel Goudsmit. Script : Dennis Van de Ven, Jeroen Annokkeé. Photography : Lex Brand NSC. Editing : Marc Bechtold. Music : Sebastiaan Roestenburg. Production : Lev Pictures.
Length: 8 min Color.

Pascale Faure

Having been immersed in short films for over thirty years, it was very difficult for me to choose some for a single evening.

I could have gone back to the first one to impress me, a film I discovered on TV : Stéphane Drouot's Star Suburb, or I could have compiled a “best of” selection of short films by accomplished directors I adore like Lucille Hadzihalilovic, Gaspar Noé, Marc Caro,  Quentin Dupieux or Julia Ducournau. That would have been great, but I chose a third option: a maximum number of short films in a minimum time, for a maximum of discoveries. The idea is to show you short films by innovative artists, in animation, fiction and experimental cinema made in the last ten years. For most of them, I've been lucky to help in their production or distribution. They're not perfect films, but I love them, because they open new paths and retain an amused vision of the world, even if the farce is macabre. The essential thing being to always have a good laugh!