Get the hell out

Poster Get the hell out

Get the hell out.

Color - 100mn - Original version with English subtitles
Comedy, Horror.
  • 12 September 2020 21:45
    Showroom 500
  • 13 September 2020 14:30
    Showroom 500
  • International competition
  • Presentation reserved to audience above 12
Direction: I.-Fan Wang.
Production: Han-hsien Tseng.
Screenplay: I.-Fan Wang, Wan-ju Yang.
Editing: Po-Han Shih.
Music by: Jimmy Lin.
With: Wang You-Wei, Bruce Ho, Hsiung Ying-Ying, Megan Lai.

Taiwan's parliament becomes ever so dangerous when a virus turns politicians into zombies, always eager as we know to devour the citizens...

When Sono Sion's insanities miss the call, there's always some wacky film to replace them : recalling our pet Japanese's orgies, this pearl hails from Taiwan, over drenched in blood, a dizzying excess of gesticulating corpses that invade the screen and soundtrack... and a lot of laughs. Get the Hell Out, like Sion Sono's Why Don't You Play in Hell (2013), to which the title pays tribute, plunges into chaos cinema : I-Fan Wang puts us in a trance as he repaints the walls in an "art brut" mode to awaken our seven senses (yes, seven, because he gets us to discover new ones). We'd gladly have another round of gore and sweet Color Pops ! Get the Hell Out explores sound and image in their most cathartic dimension, translating our world's insanity through teenage trashiness. Cinema isn't bad for your health, quite the opposite, such tsunamis offer liberating alternatives to our outer infernos. As for the idea that zombies are in power, we won't raise the issue...