There Will Be No More Night

Poster There Will Be No More Night

Il n'y aura plus de nuit.

Black and white - 75mn - French
  • 11 September 2020 19:15
    Showroom 300

    In the presence of Eleonore Weber
    Q&A after the screening
Direction: Eléonore Weber.
Production: Gaëlle Jones.
Editing: Charlotte Tourrès, Fred Piet, Eléonore Weber.
With: Nathalie Richard.

Il n’y aura plus de nuit is an editing of infrared videos recorded by the US and French armies in the Middle East...videos in which the hunt is on for enemies to kill and where man is just a black dot on a screen. A voice over questions the images...

We remember Andrew Niccol's Good Kill (2014) relating the way drone pilots, trained to kill talibans remotely from the US, were recruited among online video game virtuosos: death seen as a click on the Enter key.  As she captures the beauty of these abstract images that gradually begin to look like moving paintings, Eléonore Weber pursues the terrifying observation of global dehumanization where no humans are murdered, just targets destroyed. What would really happen if the shooter was face to face with his victim? He's asked to remain blind to the essence of his act, to ignore it. And yet we can feel the fear gripping these running shapes, before they are cut down. Timecodes and lines of sight underline how much images lie, erase guilt, and aim to turn the killer or his victim into machines. Featuring Nathalie Richard 's voice as a melancolic threnody Il n’y aura plus de nuit  is an oxymoron that delivers us to fascination and horror, and invites us to never be duped, to learn to read these images that today have become so ordinary.