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Color - 139mn - Original version with French subtitles
  • 10 September 2020 18:00
    Showroom 500
  • 13 September 2020 19:15
    Showroom 100
  • French premiere
  • Presentation reserved to audience above 12
Direction: Seijun Suzuki.
Production: Genjiro Arato.
Screenplay: Yôzô Tanaka.
Editing: Akira Suzuki.
Photography: Kazue Nagatsuka.
Music by: Kaname Kawachi.
With: Yûsaku Matsuda, Michiyo Yasuda, Mariko Kaga.

In 1926, playwright Matsuzaki Shunko meets Shinako, a mysterious woman, several times. He gradually begins to suspect she's the ghost of his patron's deceased wife.

One year after Zigeunerweisen, Suzuki continues the dream or rather initiates a new one, capturing the essence of Taisho with probably even greater precision, in a mood reminiscent of ghost stories. A bit like David Lynch in Lost Highway for instance, the filmmaker evades storytelling, letting the sleepwalker wander through his romantic mystification. The spell of the answerless question. This is how fantasy arises, in this slipping from reality towards unsettling strangeness under the light of the moon.