Knife under the throat

Poster Knife under the throat

Le couteau sous la gorge.

Color - 77mn - French
Thriller, Giallo.
  • 5 September 2020 19:30
    Showroom 300

    In the presence of Brigitte Lahaie
  • Presentation reserved to audience above 12
Direction: Claude Mulot.
Production: Dominique Saimbourg.
Screenplay: Claude Mulot.
Editing: Michel Valio.
Photography: Bruno Affret.
Music by: Alain Guélis.
With: Florence Guérin, Alexandre Sterling, Brigitte Lahaie.

Catherine, a model posing for erotic photos with her friend Florence, feels she's being watched and followed. When this notorious mythomaniac claims she's been raped, of that a madman harasses her on the phone, neither the police or her entourage give her testimony any credit. Until the day a mysterious killer starts murdering all those around her...

Claude Mulot is one of those filmmakers who was despised in his lifetime but whose delayed rehabilitation is long overdue, and his singular body of work, too hastily ignored, finally deserves recognition. Under the name Frédéric Lansac, he's signed a few blue movie classics (Le Sexe qui parle (The Talking Sex) , La femme objet (The Object Woman)), while continuing his traditionnal career, with the excellent The Blood Rose or La Saignée(The Bleeding), shown here in 2018. A French style giallo made by a lover of the genre, long before the wave launched by Cattet and Forzani, Le Couteau sous la Gorge is one of those films that critics demolished at the time but that some filmmakers and movie lovers now dare to praise. Yann Gonzalez openly refers to it in his latest feature film Le Couteau dans le coeur, notably in its title. Le Couteau sous la Gorge was Claude Mulot's last film, as he died accidentally by drowning the same year at 44 years of age. It's now your turn to dive into this dark tale of murdered models set in an urban landscape as distressing as Alain Jessua’s films, and in which the very sensuous Florence Guérin's boss is played by none other than Brigitte Lahaie. The circle is closed.