Lux æterna

Poster Lux æterna

Lux æterna.

2019 / 2020
Color - 51mn - Original version with French subtitles
  • 12 September 2020 19:15
    Showroom 500

    With a surprise!
    Screening unadvised to audience with epileptic condition
    In the presence of Gaspar Noé
  • Preview
  • Presentation reserved to audience above 12
Direction: Gaspar Noé.
Production: Anthony Vaccarello, Gaspar Noé, Gary Farkas, Clément Lepoutre, Olivier Muller.
Screenplay: Gaspar Noé.
Editing: Jerome Pesnel.
Photography: Benoît Debie.
With: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Béatrice Dalle.

Béatrice Dalle directs her first film in which Charlotte Gainsbourg is to play the lead role, that of a woman that is about to be burnt for witchcraft. The shooting does not go well, tensions rise, chaos ensues...

Ater tearing up the world of dance with Climax, Gaspar Noe sets his sights behind the scenes of a movie set. On the basis of a minimal plot and improvised dialog, he constructs a falsely recreative film. More sober than usual (and more accessible), he delivers a bitter portrait of the movie world paired with a fascinating  re-examination of the witch myth. Amidst a motley cast featuring Karl Glusman (the hero of Love) and Abbey Lee (The Neon Demon), Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg  bring a new energy to Noe's inferno. Lux Æterna will be shown in its definitive version, enriched by a fifteen minutes bonus introduction.