The witch of Kings Cross

Poster The witch of Kings Cross

The witch of Kings Cross.

Black and white with color - 78mn - Original version with French subtitles
  • 3 September 2020 22:00
    Showroom 300
  • 4 September 2020 14:15
    Showroom 300
  • International premiere
  • Presentation reserved to audience above 12
Direction: Sonia Bible.
Production: Sonia Bible, Peter Butt.
Screenplay: Sonia Bible.
Editing: Sonia Bible, Fiona Strain.
Photography: Edward Gill.
With: Kate Elizabeth Laxton, Damien Grima, Karlee Misipeka, Lukas Rose.

Sydney, in the 50s. Rosaleen Norton is a painter specialised in occult themes, infernal sabbatical visions exuding wanton sexuality. In conservative Australia, the Witch of King's Cross was soon accused of obscenity, and of taking part in satanic rituals, orgies and  whatnot....

With Rosaleen Norton's own words and interviews, Sonia Bible explores the amazing destiny of this painter who claimed to be a born witch - not hard to believe seen her stunning supernatural physique -  of this women's lib figure way ahead of her time. The Witch of Kings Cross immerses you into her insane paintings, mixing archive documents and infernal choreographies around a fictitious Rosaleen. Always refuting the accusation of satanism, she advocated a pagan and pantheist vision of witchcraft inspired by the work of Aleister Crowley, and a sexual magic freed from all moral and religious rules. The Witch of Kings Cross is a fascinating portrait of a rebel and testifies of an art of the extreme that erases the boundaries between good and evil, and between reality and fantasy.