Unicorn wars

Unicorn wars

Alberto Vázquez

  • 2022
  • Spain, France
  • Animation / Action / Comedy
  • 1h31mn
  • Original version with French subtitles
  • Color
As everybody knows, the truth is written in the great sacred book:in the little bear kingdom, the enemy has always been the unicorn. Celestin has been raised with that idea: he’s thirsty for blood. While Dodu prefers hugs and cuddling The two brothers leave the training camp accompanied by experienced recruits from their commando unit, ready to wage battle.
Apparently more intended for a wider audience than Psiconautas, Unicorn Wars also follows the same fable vein, this time delivering an anti war firebrand in tune with our times, that joyously spoofs war film stereotypes, while demystifying fairy tales. Who would have imagined the teddy bears from our childhood wanting to massacre the most fabulous of legendary creatures? Thanks to Alberto Vázquez, we’ll see the adventures of Little Brown Bear under a new light.


16/09 • 19h30 • Screen 500
In the presence of the director Alberto Vázquez and the producer Nicolas Schmerkin



  • With : Jon Goiri, Ramón Barea, Maribel Legarreta, Itxaso Quintana, Manu Heras
  • Screenplay : Alberto Vázquez
  • Editing : Iván Miñambres
  • Music by : Joseba Beristain, Victor Garcia
  • Production : Chelo Loureiro, Iván Miñambres, Nicolas Schmerkin