Shorts 4 - In the home... 16

Shorts 4 - In the home...

While mortals sleep 16

While mortals sleep

Alex Fofonoff

  • USA
  • Fiction
  • 14mn10s
European premiere
A writer isolates herself in a friend’s house, and meets a strange couple who present themselves as the property guardians.
The recipient 16

The recipient

(De Overkammer)

Raymon Hilkman

  • The Netherlands
  • Fiction
  • 7mn32s
French premiere
A young man, inhibited by his recent baldness, decides to shave his head. But the opening on the top of his head decides otherwise...
Plan-plan Cul-cul 16

Plan-plan Cul-cul

Alexandre Vignaud

  • France, Belgium
  • Fiction
  • 17mn57s
An evening of orgy among consenting animals is interrupted by the arrival of an alien with a vagina shaped head.
Sleep talker 16

Sleep talker

Carl Firth

  • Australia
  • Fiction
  • 7mn01s
French premiere
A woman comes home to find her slumbering husband talking in his sleep. But is it really him speaking ?
Divination Dave 16

Divination Dave

Georgia Madden

  • United Kingdom, England
  • Animation
  • 7mn
European premiere
What's worse than running out of potato chips when you’re lying on the couch? For Dave, nothing. Fortunately, he’s got his magic lamp.
Hantu 16


Kim Kokosky Deforchaux

  • The Netherlands
  • Fiction
  • 19mn
French premiere
At night , an Indian woman living in the Netherlands fights against demons from her past.
Persona 16



Moon Sujin

  • South Korea
  • Animation
  • 6mn45s
An allegory about the masks we wear to face the outside world ruled by appearances.
Visitors 16


Kenichi Ugana

  • Japan
  • Fiction
  • 16mn19s
French premiere
On their visit to Souta, three fiends didn’t expect to land in an Evil Dead-like nightmare.


08/09 • 21h30 • Screen 100


10/09 • 19h30 • Screen 100
In the presence of Alexandre Vignaud and Guillaume Malandrin