Shorts 3 - Digital analogies 16

Shorts 3 - Digital analogies

Claudio's song 16

Claudio's song

Andreas Nilsson

  • Ukrain
  • Fiction
  • 9mn41s
World premiere
Two criminals hold a trendsetter prisoner, aided by their mother.
Frozen jumper 16

Frozen jumper

Tina Frank

  • Austria
  • Experimental
  • 6mn46s
French premiere
A visual exercise set to a tune by Frozen Jumper.
The bones 16

The bones

(Los huesos)

Cristóbal León & Joaquín Cociña

  • Chile
  • Animation / Fiction
  • 14mn21s
French premiere
This quite macabre animation film depicts a ritual performed by a young girl, with Chilean history as the background.
Platform 16


Steffen Köhn & Johannes Büttner

  • Germany
  • Experimental
  • 16mn18s
French premiere
A story within a story, with Deliveroo deliverers as their common point. Between video games, fiction and a sad reality.
Cucumbers 16



Leonid Shmelkov

  • Russia, France
  • Animation
  • 15mn48s
A fashion photographer tries to understand what’s happening to him when he starts seeing cucumbers instead of his models.
Staging death 16

Staging death

Jan Soldat

  • Austria, Germany
  • Experimental
  • 8mn21s
A tribute montage, scanning the history of cinema and television, of all the death scenes of actor Udo Kier.
Rim 16


Hagar Faibish

  • Germany
  • Animation
  • 6mn44s
French premiere
A boy, living alone with a creature locked inside his head, walks around in his apartment, hypnotized by television.
The dream machine 16

The dream machine

Michael William West

  • France
  • Experimental
  • 90mn29s
French premiere
The visions of a young woman testing a Dream Machine.
The vandal 16

The vandal

Eddie Alcazar

  • USA
  • Fiction
  • 15mn37s
Mixing live images and stop motion animation, the film leads us into the mind of Harold, a man who has been lobotomized.


07/09 • 19h30 • Screen 100
In the presence of the directors Michael William West
Program not recommended for photosensible audience


12/09 • 20h00 • Screen 100
In the presence of the director Michael William West
Program not recommended for photosensible audience