Shorts 5 - Among us... 16

Shorts 5 - Among us...

From.Beyond 16


Fredrik S. Hana

  • Norway
  • Fiction / Experimental
  • 13mn35s
French premiere
«We are not alone». The encounter between humanity and alien lifeforms. And all its consequences.
Airhostess-737 16


Thanasis Neofotistos

  • Greece
  • Fiction
  • 16mn18s
World premiere
An airline hostess is bothered by her new dentures, which she finds hard to bear. But is that really the problem ?
Night of the living dicks 16

Night of the living dicks

Ilja Rautsi

  • Finland, Denmark
  • Fiction
  • 19mn05s
When the “dick pic” phenomenon grows out of proportion in a young woman’s life.
OST. 16


Abhichoke Chandrasen

  • Thailand
  • Fiction
  • 19mn22s
A perfectionist woman searches for the perfect soundtrack for the horror movie she’s working on, and gradually lets an evil spirit dominate her.
Stranger than Rotterdam with Sara Driver 16

Stranger than Rotterdam with Sara Driver

Lewie & Noah Kloster

  • USA
  • Animation / Experimental
  • 9mn38s
French premiere
Producer Sara Driver relates her experience on Jim Jarmusch's Stranger than Paradise.
The arrival of aliens 16

The arrival of aliens

Guan Tian, Lam Junjie

  • China
  • Fiction
  • 14mn43s
European premiere
In a mysterious cold and empty place, citizens obediently clean every square inch, waiting for aliens to arrive.
Transfer 16


Jonas Govaerts

  • Belgium
  • Fiction
  • 13mn12s
French premiere
A young woman visits her father, a dangerous imprisoned serial killer. But one of the two has a hidden agenda.


14/09 • 14h15 • Screen 100


16/09 • 14h15 • Screen 100