Shorts 7 - It's in the ground... 16

Shorts 7 - It's in the ground...

In the soil 16

In the soil

(Det Er I Jorden)

Casper Rudolf Kjeldsen

  • Denmark
  • Fiction
  • 14mn53s
A man starts obsessively digging a hole in his garden, to his daughter’s increasing anxiety.
Masks 16



Olivier Smolders

  • Belgium
  • Documentary / Experimental
  • 23mn
The filmmaker tells us how he saw masks cover his parents’ faces at the moment of their death, and questions the subject of masks in the broad sense.
Soggy biscuit 16

Soggy biscuit

Emma Jesse

  • Chile
  • Animation / Fiction
  • 10mn02s
International premiere
A group of soldiers sets up camp and decides to play a game involving masculinity, masturbation and little biscuits.
Shift Simmers Slips 16

Shift Simmers Slips

Lars Nagler

  • Germany
  • Animation / Fiction
  • 11mn05s
A succession of worlds, shapes and mechanisms, inspired by the Codex Seraphinianus, the fantasy encyclopedia illustrated by Luigi Serafini.
The diamond 16

The diamond

Vedran Rupic

  • Sweden
  • Fiction
  • 13mn46s
French premiere
Stéphane is alone, he has no friends. He dreams of having one. One day he meets a miniature man suffering from claustrophobia.
Perfect City: The Mother 16

Perfect City: The Mother

Zhou Shengwei

  • China
  • Animation / Experimental
  • 11mn50s
European premiere
A wooden creature struggles with the root it just gave birth to, haunted by a scarier and scarier idea of perfection.
The Rock of Ages 16

The Rock of Ages

Eron Sheean

  • France, Australia, Iceland
  • Fiction
  • 15mn42s
A bloodthirsty soldier suffering from guilt, encounters a talking rock that promises him immortality.


15/09 • 19h00 • Screen 100
In the presence of Olivier Smolders and Eron Sheean


17/09 • 19h15 • Screen 100
In the presence of Olivier Smolders and Eron Sheean