Alejandro Jodorowsky ©DR
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Director (Master Class Kirill Serebrennikov + The Holy Mountain)
Ali Catterall ©DR
Ali Catterall
Screenwriter (Scala!!! Or, the incredibly strange rise and fall of…)
Andrew Starke ©DR
Andrew Starke
Producer (Scala!!! Or, the incredibly strange rise and fall of...)
Anurag Kashyap ©DR
Anurag Kashyap
Director (Kennedy)
Arben Bajraktaraj ©DR
Arben Bajraktaraj
Comedian (Pandemonium)
Audrey Gordon ©DR
Audrey Gordon
Director (A month with the girls)
Aurélien Héraud ©DR
Aurélien Héraud
Director (The End)
Bertrand Mandico ©DR
Bertrand Mandico
Director (Around Conann)
Brigitte Pardo ©DR
Brigitte Pardo
Canal+ Discoveries
Charlotte Grondin ©DR
Charlotte Grondin
Director (Short film competition 7 : Norma Place)
Christophe Bier ©DR
Christophe Bier
Host (An evening with Christophe Bier)
Claire Duburcq ©DR
Claire Duburcq
Comedian (Around Conann)
David Gregory ©DR
David Gregory
Director (Enter the clones of Bruce)
Dominik Moll ©DR
Dominik Moll
Director (The Stepford Wives)
E. Elias Merhige ©DR
E. Elias Merhige
Director (The Begotten Cycle)
Finnegan Oldfield ©DR
Finnegan Oldfield
Comedian (Vermines)
Ganaël Dumreicher ©Julian Lee Harather
Ganaël Dumreicher
Director (Short film competition 6 : Kieslers Körper)
Gareth Evans ©DR
Gareth Evans
Director (Carte Blanche Gareth Evans)
Géraldine Bajard ©DR
Géraldine Bajard
Co-screenwriter (Club Zero)
Guillaume Pin ©DR
Guillaume Pin
Director (Short film competition 7 : Norma Place)
Jacques Nolot ©DR
Jacques Nolot
Director (Carte Blanche Olympe de Gê - 2 : Glowing Eyes)
Jane Giles ©DR
Jane Giles
Director (Scala!!! Or, the incredibly strange rise and fall of...)
Jean-Pierre Dionnet ©J-M Marion
Jean-Pierre Dionnet
Host (The Magic Box)
Jérôme Niel ©DR
Jérôme Niel
Comedian (Vermines)
Jessica Hausner ©DR
Jessica Hausner
Director (Club Zero)
Karim Leklou ©DR
Karim Leklou
Actor (Vincent Doit Mourir)
Kirill Serebrennikov ©Ira Polyarnara
Kirill Serebrennikov
Director (Carte Blanche Kirill Serebrennikov)
Lisa Nyarko ©DR
Lisa Nyarko
Comedian (Vermines)
Lydia Rui ©DR
Lydia Rui
Director (Short film competition 2 : Virile)
Maxime Lachaud ©DR
Maxime Lachaud
Director (A Way To Die)
Nathalie Richard ©Carlotta Fosberg
Nathalie Richard
Comedian (Around Conann)
Olivia Ross ©DR
Olivia Ross
Actress (The Theory of Everything)
Olivier Héraud ©DR
Olivier Héraud
Director (The End)
Olympe de Gê ©DR
Olympe de Gê
Director (Carte Blanche Olympe de Gê)
Paloma Garcia Martens ©DR
Paloma Garcia Martens
Intimacy superviser (Carte Blanche Olympe de Gê)
Quarxx ©DR
Director (Pandemonium)
Reivaks Timeless ©DR
Reivaks Timeless
Director (A Way To Die)
Romain Le Vern ©DR
Romain Le Vern
Journalist (Chaos Reign : 10 years of Chaos)
Sam Fox ©DR
Sam Fox
Director (Short film competition 1 : Fck'n Nuts)
Sébastien Vanicek ©DR
Sébastien Vanicek
Director (Vermin)
Sofia Lesaffre ©DR
Sofia Lesaffre
Comedian (Vermines)
Stéphan Castang ©DR
Stéphan Castang
Director (Vincent Must Die)
Stéphane Noguès ©DR
Stéphane Noguès
Author and combat sport expert (Enter the clones of Bruce)
Sylvain Perret ©DR
Sylvain Perret
Journalist (Paris Top Secret, The Weather Girl)
Théo Christine ©DR
Théo Christine
Comedian (Vermines)
Ugo Dillona ©DR
Ugo Dillona
Comedian (Pandemonium)
Yann Gonzales ©DR
Yann Gonzales
Director (Carte Blanche Olympe de Gê 3 - The Islands)