Reruns poster

Reruns - 2018 - Color - 15 mn
Original version with French subtitles - France
Animation, Fiction

  • Directed by
  • Produced by
    Studio Rosto A.D., Autour de Minuit productions, A Private View
  • Screenplay by
  • Editing
    Rosto, Nicolas Schmerkin
  • Photography
    Stephan Schmidt, Freek Zonderland
  • Artistic direction
    Rien Beerenz
  • Animation
    Ievgen Mishchenko
  • Artistic direction
    Herman Zonderland
  • Animation
    Serge Lenaers, Rosto, Gurkan Yilmaz
  • Music by
    Thee Wreckers
  • With
    Jurriaan De Vos, Rosie Templeton, Juan Carlos Tajes
Short film competition - Presentation reserved to audience above 16

Wednesday 12 September 2018 - 19:15 - Showroom 100 - Screening reserved to audience above 16

Between dreams and memories, everything's different but nothing has changed.

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