Extraneous matter

Poster Extraneous matter

In different places, several characters are confronted to the same slimy creature, very repulsive yet able to give them pleasure or to become a very good friend...

The erotic fantasies of Hokusai's extraordinary print The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife come alive before our eyes! With Extraneous Matter, Kenichi Ugana adapts his eponymous short film, in turn erotic and extremely funny, and in which also pierces a sharp social outlook. In his film, conceived as a series of skits in a delicate bluesy black and white, Ugana enjoys fusing triviality and streamlined stylisation. You were wondering if the meeting of Jim Jarmusch and Eroguro was possible? Here's the answer.

Extraneous matter.

Black and white - 61mn - Original version with English subtitles
Fantasy, Erotic.
Direction: Kenichi Ugana.
Production: Southcat Co.Ltd, Vandalism Co. Ltd, Takashi Nakahara.
Screenplay: Kenichi Ugana.
Editing: Masashi Komino.
Photography: Masashi Komino.
Music by: Hiroyuki Onogawa.
With: Kaoru Koide, Shunsuke Tanaka, Momoko Ishida, Kaito Yoshimura, Makato Tanaka, Shute Miyazaki.
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