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As the AIDS pandemic rages, Jack Fritscher and his companion flee the city and settle in a ranch to start a gay porn and BDSM studio. This is the story of the rise and fall of Palm Drive, a safe sex haven in the age of the apocalypse.

Madly in love, Jack and Mark launched this hedonistic and cathartic place where bodybuilded amateur actors explored the most extreme SM fantasies. By gathering mostly archive footage and testimonies by participants, the filmmakers offer both a painting of a nightmarish era, a story of love, of survival and of a little infernal paradise, somewhere between emotion and fistfucking.

Raw! Uncut! Video!.

Color - 79mn - Original version with English subtitles
Direction: Alex Clausen, Ryan A. White.
Production: Robert Barrett, Alex Clausen, Haley Gilchrist, Paul Lee, Charles Lum, Scott Tal, Todd Verow, Ryan A. White.
Editing: Ryan A. White.
Photography: Alex Clausen, Jack Fritscher, Mark Hemry, Ryan A. White.
Music by: Jess Wamre.
With: Susie Bright, Darryl Carlton, Rick Castro, Susan Damante, Durk Dehner, Roger Earl.
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