Season of treason

Poster Season of treason

A Japanese war photographer sent to Vietnam returns home after losing his friend and colleague on the battlefield.

This first film by Atsushi Yamatoya as a director coincides with his departure from Nikkatsu to join Wakamatsu productions. Co-written with Masao Adachi, Season of Betrayal stands as the exploration ground for three major players of Japanese counter-culture. Even Wakamatsu considers this film exemplary: "When I saw it, it was a true revelation. With this film he succeeded in questioning the entire cinema grammar and the way films were made. I wanted to direct a film of that scope and it became The Embryo Hunts in Secret."

Uragiri No Kisetsu.

Black and white - 80mn - Original version with French subtitles
Direction: Atsushi Yamatoya.
Production: Kôji Wakamatsu.
Screenplay: Masao Adachi, Kiyomi Tanaka, Atsushi Yamatoya.
Editing: Kansuke Guryû.
Music by: Masahiko Satô.
With: Yûzô Tatekawa, Juri Taniguchi, Hatsuo Yamatani.
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