The glass coffin poster

The glass coffin

El ataúd de cristal - 2016 - Color - 75 mn Original version with French subtitles - Spain - Thriller
  • Direction
    Haritz Zubillaga
  • Production
    Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, Carlos Juarez
  • Screenplay
    Aitor Eneriz, Haritz Zubillaga
  • Editing
    Haritz Zubillaga
  • Photography
    Jon D. Domínguez
  • Music by
    Aránzazu Calleja
  • With
    Paola Bontempi
French premiere - Presentation reserved to audience above 12

Young and pretty Amanda has put on her most beautiful evening gown to go to a gala. On her way to the festivity, she discovers she’s locked in the vehicle and that her phone is deactivated. The nightmare begins…

The more faithful among you surely remember Buried by Rodrigo Cortés, discovered here a few years ago and crowned by the 2010 New Genre Great Prize. As daring as it’s unexpected, El Ataùd de Cristal, is also a claustrophobic first film which will upset more than one viewer. A revelation : Paola Bontempi will not remain unknown for long, just like Haritz Zubillaga who proves here he’s a very talented director.

Saturday 9 September 2017 - 17:00 - Showroom 300 - In the presence of the director - Screening in partnership with the Ramon Llull Institute in Paris

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