20 years of Mauvais Genres: tragic lanterns

20 years of Mauvais Genres: tragic lanterns

Jeudi 12 september 2017 at 19h15, Forum des Images, showroom 300.

Handcrafted cinema in black and white, mystically subversive oracular magic...

The Mauvais Genres anthology, plays with images and their meanings by reshaping them (Forbidden Documents), diverting them (The Device) or by recreating them (Boro in the Box). All proofs of the vitality of a certain kind of French cinema, far from the beaten tracks, close to the avant-garde, using found footage, mash-ups and phantasmagorical tales.

MAUVAIS GENRE: "Are those four, Jean-Teddy Philippe, Pacôme Thiellement, Thomas Bertay and Bertrand Mandico filmmakers ?  Maybe not. More like lantern bearers, and shadow makers, spectre modelers, and chimera tamers. The four horsemen of the visual apocalypse.

The first, a secret master of found footage, whose Forbidden Documents, made of lost reels and misplaced footage (confessions of shipwreck survivors, holiday films from Hell, scouting for spectres, kolkhoz for supermen)  exposes the art of make believe, creating anguish, and shows the impossible truth is maybe just a purely rhetorical affair, and veracity a question of dosage. Is deemed true what seems true. Period. But do we see what we believe we see ?

The second and third, conceivers of le Dispositif (The Device), an initiatic perambulation made of 52 epiphanies, or  visual “intensities”,  give us the filmic equivalent of a native American sweathouse, a spirit lodge : to cleanse the soul through an exercise of mental sudation, an intellectual degreasing that reconnects us with the power of the great initiates  (from Ezra Pound to Zappa) to resonate with the vibrations of the Great Note. Between deconstruction and incantation.

Bertrand Mandico is a sacred fire-eater, a cutlass swallower, a distiller of ecstasy. Another Melies, his little orphic circus rambles from one place to another, projects visions of madness on a sap stained bridal sheet, ripped from an alchemist’s agony, a baroque prince’s euphoria. His tribute to Walerian Borowczyk, Boro in the Box, the box-headed man, shot less in black and white than composed in night and lime, is a mystery to be staged at asylum doors, a reliquary where opium seeds and sorcerers’ ashes are collected.

These four compose a poetic polyptic altarpiece, poetic cinema in one act."

Screening in the presence of the directors.

Screening presented by the Mauvais Genres team.

  BiTS evening

BiTS evening

Friday 15 september 2017 at 19h30, Forum des Images, showroom 500.

Screening reserved to audience above 12.

Unique screening fee: 10 euros.

Though geeks have long been seen as despicable asocial  creatures, during the last fifteen years they have since taken power in our contemporary culture. But beyond having become a marketing target, allowing the sale of thousands of copies of reeditions of the games of our youth, or profit from an umpteenth tardy sequel, by titillating our nostalgic leanings... This sociological phenomenon has also allowed the upcoming of what had long been called subculture, if one takes time to analyse it seriously. This is what Rafik Djoumi and his crew have been doing since 2013 with their short but thorough online podcast BiTS  (on the website in which they decode Grand Theft Auto, unboxing, podcasting or illegal downloads, using tools such as sociology or psychology to offer a broader, richer and exciting reading of the cyberworld, helped along by a postmodern analysis of form (each episode is a fantastic mash-up) and substance (topics stretch from philosophy, cognitive sciences around the latest Zelda, to mentions of Truffaut or Filippo Brunelleschi in relation to performance capture). And far from adopting an academic tone, BiTS is a show that cleverly and simply unravels the world around us, as opposed to many others who are misled in selling us sententious concepts. With such a postulate, it seemed logical to offer them an entire evening to better savor their most pertinent and unexpected choices. 

As cult as it’s essential !

Screening in partnership with BiTS.

  Retour de flamme : A page of madness

Retour de flamme : A page of madness

Sunday 17 september 2017 at 17h15, Forum des Images, showroom 300.

A new exclusive screening with the amazing Serge Bromberg, who will introduce us to the newly restored version of a jewel of Cinema.

Screening in partnership with Lobster Films.

  Tom de Pékin

Tom de Pékin

Saturday 16 september 2017 at 20h45, Forum des Images, showroom 300.

Film projection and live performance.

Unique fee: 12 euros.

Screening reserved to audience above 16.

Tom de Pékin is a militant artist, with a very distinctive style, a degenerate and iconoclastic version of the expressionist movement, laced with turbid erotica. After founding and directing 4 mers Editions from 1994 to 2000 with artist Guillaume Dégé, he joyously perverts and diverts visual codes in his collaborations with Têtu, Nova, Amnesty International or Canal +. If he was quite well known by a group of initiates, it’s his creation of the poster for Alain Guiraudie’s  Stranger by the Lake, that reveals him to a greater audience. A visibility made all the greater by the usual guardians of morality like the mayors of Versailles and Saint Cloud, stark opposants to same sex marriage, who banned the poster. As usual in such cases, they got the opposite result, and Tom de Pékin’s work was highlighted everywhere. He moves to directing in 2002, with a series of short films that further his graphic work. And in 2011, when a friend shows him Alfred Jarry’s Haldernablou, he illustrates and publishes it . He then decides to adapt the story into several films, mixing graphic design, choreography, performance art and cinema. “I don’t make gay art, but community art, because I link all the discriminated genders.”

Performances :
Sébastien Lambeaux, Jérôme Marin, Florent Mateo, Fred Morin, Alexis Langlois, Hélène Barrier, Denis Sanglard, Tom de Pekin...

Chamanistic ritual :
Sébastien Lambeaux for "le village Chaman" with Hélène Barrier and Denis Sanglard.

Text performed, reading and singing by Fred Morin, Alexis Langlois, Tom de Pekin, Florent Matéo and Jérome Marin.

Film and performances duration :

Film choregraphy :

Daniel Larrieu for "le Parc"
Alban Richard for "le Rêve"
Mickaël Phelippeau for "Le Biniou"


  Sitges - Short films

Sitges - Short films

Sunday 10 september at 17h30, Forum des Images, showroom 100.

Screening presented by Jaume Balagueró et Àngel Sala.

Screening reserved to audience above 16.

In partnership with the Ramon Llull Institute in Paris.