Haldernablou Quadriflore poster

Haldernablou Quadriflore

Haldernablou Quadriflore - 2017 - Color - 50 mn French - France - Performance
  • Direction
    Tom de Pékin
  • Production
    Les Produits Frais
  • Editing
    Philippe Roger
  • Photography
    Michaël Capron, Ludivine Large-Bessette
  • Choregraphy
    Daniel Larrieu, Alban Richard, Mickaël Phelippeau
  • Sound
    Thomas Prulière, Quentin Romanet
  • With
    Alexis Langlois, Elina Löwensohn, Jean Philippe Salério, Daniel Larrieu, Alban Richard, Mickaël Phelippeau, Sébastien Lambeaux, Bourette, Jérome Marin, Amaury Grisel, Denis Sanglard, Hélène Barrier, Vincent Simon, Philippe Roger, Tom de Pékin, Eolia Marhic, Yves Calvez, the singers and performers of Guissény
Presentation reserved to audience above 16

Locked in a strange park, the page Ablou tries escaping. But several characters will do everything to keep him in this fantasmatic place...

“The thing that made me feel close to the construction of this beautiful obscure text is the use of collage chosen by Alfred Jarry, that augments the text’s meanings. References are diverse, emotions and repressed feelings are given a real free space. For me it’s a militant act.”

Between dance and poetry, on a mystical performance backdrop, Tom de Pékin proposes a truly unique screening, adapted from the play written at just 19 years old by Alfred Jarry, historically one of the first overtly homosexual French plays.  This evolutive creation is divided into four chapters that are as many wondrous spaces : The Park, The Dream, The Bagpipe and The Village Shaman.

Saturday 16 September 2017 - 20:45 - Showroom 300 - Screening reserved to audience above 16
  • Haldernablou Quadriflore - 1
  • Haldernablou Quadriflore - 2
  • Haldernablou Quadriflore - 3
  • Haldernablou Quadriflore - 4

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