Shame of the jungle poster

Shame of the jungle

La honte de la jungle - 1975 - Color - 85 mn French - France, Belgium
  • Direction
    Picha, Boris Szulzinger
  • Production
    Boris Szulzinger, Jenny Gérard, Michel Gast
  • Screenplay
    Picha, Pierre Bartier
  • Editing
    Claude Cohen
  • Photography
    Raymond Burlet
  • Scenery
    Jean Lemense, Jean-Jacques Maquaire
  • Music by
    Marc Moulin

Shame, a cowardly and impotent descendant of Tarzan, will confront Queen Bazoonga and her army of foul zombites to deliver June, his cantankerous fiancee, who happens to prefer Flicka, a much more virile ape.

A descendant of Fritz the cat, which had opened the way for adult animation films a few years earlier, Picha’s film parodies the myth of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ famous character with insolence, provocation and bad taste in the style of satire magazine Hara Kiri. The result led Burroughs’ heirs to sue for obscenity, resulting in the title changing to Tarzoon and an X rating in the US.

Saturday 16 September 2017 - 15:15 - Showroom 100 - In the presence of the director
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