The lonely killers poster

The lonely killers

Les tueurs fous - 1972 - Color - 82 mn French - Belgium - Thriller
  • Direction
    Boris Szulzinger
  • Production
    Jacqueline Pierreux, Boris Szulzinger
  • Screenplay
    Pierre Bartier, Michel Gast, Boris Szulzinger
  • Editing
    Claude Cohen, Susana Rossberg, Elizabeth Sarradin
  • Photography
    Gerard Collet, Michael Sander
  • Music by
    Salix Alba
  • With
    Roland Mahauden, Georges Aminel, Georges Aubert
Presentation reserved to audience above 12

Roland & Dominique, two young men from Brussels, find a rifle in the journalist’s home where they are lodging. To fight their boredom, they decide to test the weapon in a forest on cyclists or bikers, all the while taking photos of their misdeeds. A bloody odyssey ensues…

Released in France under the title Le Sexe de la Violence (The Sex of Violence), The Lonely Killers is inspired by a similar true story that happened in the Yvelines in 1971. With a cold radicality, Schulzinger follows his amoral characters through a shady Brussels and films this chase with macabre naturalism, both fascinating and repulsive.  A true unknown masterpiece, calling for urgent rediscovery.

Friday 15 September 2017 - 20:00 - Showroom 300 - In the presence of the director

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