Take me I'm old enough poster

Take me I'm old enough

Mijn zuster denkt alleen daaraan - 1970 - Black and white - 76 mn French - Belgium - Sexploitation
  • Direction
    Henri Xhonneux
  • Production
    Jacques Vercruyssen
  • Screenplay
    Henri Xhonneux
  • Editing
    Joseph Dassy
  • Photography
    E. Beurensky, Yves Tabouret
  • Music by
    De Wolfe
  • With
    Nathalie Vernier, Diane Dee, Christian Maillet
Inédit - Presentation reserved to audience above 16

Two young sisters, one quite puritan and reserved and the other stuck in a wheelchair, and both still virgins, aren’t what you’d call fulfilled women. One fine day, they receive an important inheritance from a recently deceased uncle. But it’s stipulated that to obtain the money, they’ll have to lose their virginity under a fortnight.

Joseph W. Rental is really the alias of  Henri Xhonneux, future director with Roland Topor of the series Téléchat and of the amazing Marquis, and brings us this work sometimes entitled Débauche de Majeures (Adult Debauchery), inspired by Russ Meyer and Joseph W. Sarno’s films, with the plus of Belgian eccentricity.

Sunday 17 September 2017 - 19:00 - Showroom 100

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