Mutafukaz poster


Mutafukaz - 2017 - Color - 90 mn French - France, Japan - Animation
  • Direction
    Shoujirou Nishimi, Guillaume 'Run' Renard
  • Production
    Anthony Roux, Frédéric Puech
  • Screenplay
    Guillaume 'Run' Renard
  • Editing
    Ivy Buirette, Marie-Laure Vanglabeke
  • Artistic direction
    Shoujirou Nishimi, Guillaume 'Run' Renard
  • Music by
    The Toxic Avenger, Guillaume Houzé
  • Voiceover by
    Orelsan, Gringe, Rédouanne Harjane, Féodor Atkine, Kelly Marot

In a ravaged part of Dark Meat City megalopolis where violence is everywhere, Angelo is the victim of a scooter accident. After this event, he’s the subject of strange visions. With his friend Vinz, he tries to understand what’s happening, but is hunted down by men in black…

Guillaume Renard, AKA Run,well known by comics fans, adapts his five part graphic novel saga for the screen. He’s helped out by Shōjirō Nishimi (Batman: Gotham Knight), in association with Ankama Animations Studio (Dofus, livre 1 : Julith) and Studio 4°C (Tekkonkinkreet, Mind Game) for one of the craziest animation films of the year, mixing hip hop and John Carpenter style sci fi.

Sunday 17 September 2017 - 20:00 - Showroom 500 - In the presence of the team

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