Pierre and Sabine poster

Pierre and Sabine

Pierre und Sabine - 1968 - Black and white - 96 mn French dubbed version - Germany - Sex education film
  • Direction
    August Rieger
  • Production
    Karl Spiehs
  • Screenplay
    August Rieger
  • Photography
    Günther Senftleben, Michel Martino
  • Music by
    Johann Martin Dürr
  • With
    Ilona Grübel, Heinz Sonnbichler, Hans-Dieter Schwarze, Maria Sebaldt
Presentation reserved to audience above 16

Sabine and Pierre are 16 years old. They’re young, and not minding their parents’ warnings, they love each other and take liberties that morality condemns. The worst happens, and science must be called upon to correct their mistakes.

As the 60s see sociological barriers tumble one after the other, August Rieger counter attacks and is well set on educating this youth lost to debauchery. Even if it means indulging in bad taste, encouraging masturbation and metaphorically illustrating abortion in ways way beyond your imagination. An often foul aberrant anachrony that is involuntarily hilarious. Best to laugh about it… Amen !

Monday 11 September 2017 - 15:30 - Showroom 100

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