Christiane F.

Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo - 1981 - Color - 138 mn
Original version with French subtitles - Germany

  • Direction
    Uli Edel
  • Production
    Bernd Eichinger, Hans Kaden, Hans Weth
  • Screenplay
    Herman Weigel
  • Editing
    Jane Seitz
  • Photography
    Jürgen Jürges, Justus Pankau
  • Music by
    Jürgen Knieper, David Bowie
  • With
    Natja Brunckhorst, Thomas Haustein, Jens Kuphal
Presentation reserved to audience above 16

Saturday 15 September 2018 - 21:15 - Showroom 300 - Presented by Gaspar Noé

"Piss and shit everywhere !" Thus begins this teenager's life in the hellish world of drugs and prostitution in late 70's Berlin. 

Eight years before his successful adaptation of Hubert Selby Jr (Last Exit to Brooklyn), Uli Edel took on the bestseller by Kai Hermann and Horst Rieck. A portrait of Berlin's underworld in the 70's, with disarming sincere acting by Natja Brunckhorst (later seen in Fassbinder's Querelle) and featuring David Bowie playing himself in a key scene. Cult and addictive !

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