The adventure of Denchu-Kozo

Denchû kozô no bôken - 1987 - Color - 47 mn
Original version with English subtitles - Japan

  • Direction
    Shin'ya Tsukamoto
  • Production
    Shin'ya Tsukamoto
  • Screenplay
    Shin'ya Tsukamoto
  • Editing
    Shin'ya Tsukamoto
  • Photography
    Shin'ya Tsukamoto
  • With
    Nariaki Senba, Kei Fujiwara, Nobu Kanaoka
Presentation reserved to audience above 12

Wednesday 5 September 2018 - 19:30 - Showroom 300

Ostracized by his schoolmates because of a strange deformity, a teenager finds himself projected 25 years into the future. He learns that vampires have invaded the Earth.

Two years before he signed one of the most important films in Japanese cinema, Tsukamoto directed his last short film, a sort of draft of his Tetsuo, already conveying the author's obsessions with kaiju eiga (or monster movie), metamorphosis and frantic visual experimentations.

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