Saint terrorism

Hijiri Terorizumu - 1980 - Color - 127 mn
Original version with English subtitles - Japan

  • Direction
    Masashi Yamamoto
  • Production
    Jôji Iida
  • Screenplay
    Masashi Yamamoto
  • Photography
    Masashi Yamamoto
  • Music by
    Ebby Jagatara
  • With
    Shigenari Sugawara, Mikiko Tsunoda
French premiere - Presentation reserved to audience above 12

Thursday 6 September 2018 - 14:15 - Showroom 300

Young people's daily life in the early 80s. A young woman murders people in a park, randomly shooting them with a firearm. One day, she meets a housebreaker who poisons his victims and she confides to him.

Two years before Carnival of the Night, Masashi Yamamoto (Robinson's Garden, Junk Food) gives 8mm a try, with a feature film marked by an unfettered rage. With no holds barred, he paints a picture of a sleazy and deliquescent Shinjuku, in a superb and chaotic mix of murders, happenings, porn shows and experimentations. One of the more nihilistic films in this cycle.

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