Kafou poster

Kafou - 2018 - Color - 51 mn
Original version with French subtitles - Haiti

  • Direction
    Bruno Mourral
  • Production
    Gilbert Mirambeau Jr., Bruno Mourral, Jasmuel Andri
  • Screenplay
    Jasmuel Andri, Gilbert Mirambeau Jr., Bruno Mourral
  • Editing
    Rocío Gattinoni, Bruno Mourral
  • Photography
    Lucas Gath, Clément Maillet
  • Music by
    Jean-Philippe Brierre, Andres Rodriguez, Jean Haspil Ulysse
  • With
    Jasmuel Andri, Rolaphton Mercure, Manfred Marcelin, Rolando Étienne, Marcus Boereau
Presentation reserved to audience above 12

Friday 7 September 2018 - 16:15 - Showroom 300 - In the presence of the director
Sunday 9 September 2018 - 15:15 - Showroom 100 - In the presence of the director

Doc & Zoe are told to transport a vehicle from one place to another, with a "parcel" in the trunk, that they are forbidden to look at, but temptation is too great...

Bruno Mourral learnt his trade through multiple short films during his schooling years and in advertisement. Collecting many awards, he started Muska Production Company, well set on developing Haiti's cinema industry. And before his first feature film, currently in pre-production, he directed this medium length film, that starts like a comedy, but then takes a very dark look at corruption and vigilantes. One of the great discoveries of the 2018 selection.

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