Blind woman's curse

Blind woman's curse poster

Kaidan nobori ryu - 1970 - Color - 85 mn
Original version with French subtitles - Japan

  • Direction
    Teruo Ishii
  • Production
    Hideo Koi, Shirō Sasaki
  • Screenplay
    Teruo Ishii, Chusei Sone
  • Editing
    Osamu Inoue
  • Photography
    Shigeru Kitazumi
  • Music by
    Hajime Kaburagi
  • With
    Meiko Kaji, Makoto Satō, Toru Abe
French premiere

Sunday 9 September 2018 - 21:45 - Showroom 100

Akemi is the boss of an all woman yakuza clan. During a brawl with a rival clan, Akemi takes out an opponent's eyes. A black cat appears out of nowhere and drinks the victim's blood. This starts off a mysterious revenge curse.

A few months after the first opus of Alleycat Rock, Meiko Kaji (The Scorpion Woman, Lady Snowblood) affirms herself firmly as a star under the lens of the most aesthete of japan's perverts, raving Teruo Ishii (the Criminal Women series) who injects this work, a half  fantasy, half saber movie, with a serious dose of ero-guro, his secret mix of eroticism and grotesque.

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