L'heure de la sortie

L'heure de la sortie poster

L'heure de la sortie - 2018 - Color - 103 mn
French - France

  • Direction
    Sébastien Marnier
  • Production
    Caroline Bonmarchand
  • Screenplay
    Elise Griffon, Sébastien Marnier
  • Editing
    Isabelle Manquillet
  • Photography
    Romain Carcanade
  • Music by
    Zombie Zombie
  • With
    Laurent Lafitte, Emmanuelle Bercot, Pascal Greggory
French premiere - International competition

Sunday 9 September 2018 - 19:15 - Showroom 500 - In the presence of the team
Wednesday 12 September 2018 - 15:30 - Showroom 300 - In the presence of the director

Replacing one of his colleagues who just fell out of a window, Pierre Hoffman is soon prey to an uneasy feeling. His class of over gifted children turns out to be very distressing...

Three years ago, Sébastien Marnier surprised everyone by signing Irréprochable (Faultless), a first insidious and upsetting feature film, superbly written with Élise Griffon. This time the duo strikes again by adapting a novel by Christophe Dufossé, a project the director had carried for ten years. A successful achievement, with an impeccable Laurent Lafitte (Elle) and a more evanescent than ever Emmanuelle Bercot (Mon Roi), with a soundtrack by Zombie Zombie.

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