The blood letting

The blood letting poster

La saignée - 1971 - Color - 84 mn
French - France, Italia

  • Direction
    Claude Mulot
  • Production
    Edgar Oppenheimer
  • Screenplay
    Claude Mulot, Edgar Oppenheimer, Albert Kantof
  • Editing
    Victoria Mercanton
  • Photography
    Roger Fellous
  • Music by
    Eddie Vartan
  • With
    Bruno Pradal, Charles Southwood, Gabriele Tinti

Saturday 8 September 2018 - 14:45 - Showroom 300 - Presented by Stéphane Bouyer

In New York, French man Thomas is the helpless witness of the murder of a man and woman by Gino Longa. Afraid of reprisals, he returns to the native village he had fled a few years before.

Claude Mulot is mostly known as the director of some classics from the golden age of french porn like Le Sexe qui parle, La Femme objet ou Les Petites écolières, all signed under the alias Frédéric Lansac. Less known are his attempts at genre movies like the gothic La Rose Ecorchée (The Blood Rose), the giallesque Le Couteau sous la Gorge or La Saignée, reminiscent of Serge Leroy's The Track. A fine gem, superbly restored.

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