Life guidance

Life guidance poster

Life guidance - 2018 - Color - 101 mn
Original version with French subtitles - Austria
Thriller, Science-fiction

  • Direction
    Ruth Mader
  • Production
    Gabriele Kranzelbinder
  • Screenplay
    Martin Leidenfrost, Ruth Mader
  • Editing
    Niki Mossböck
  • Photography
    Christine A. Maier
  • Music by
    Manfred Plessl
  • With
    Fritz Karl, Katharina Lorenz, Florian Teichtmeister
French premiere - International competition - Presentation reserved to audience above 12

Thursday 6 September 2018 - 17:00 - Showroom 300
Monday 10 September 2018 - 18:45 - Showroom 300

Alexander Dworsky leads a very orderly life. He's succeeded in his professional career and family life, everything seems to be running smoothly in his world dedicated to success, profitability and productivity. But one day Alexander begins to have doubts...

It took Austrian Ruth Mader 14 years to complete her second feature film after the surprising Struggle. A change of course with this sci-fi thriller that, akin to the Black Mirror series, explores the dangers of our social habits through excess and absurdity. A criticism of the ills of hypercapitalism, reminiscent of the genre's classics like Brazil or Welcome to Gattaca.

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