A man's flower road

Otoko no hanamichi - 1986 - Color - 110 mn
Original version with English subtitles - Japan

  • Direction
    Sion Sono
  • Production
    Hidekazu Ishiguro, Hiromi Kawanishi, Atsushi Yoneyama
  • Screenplay
    Sion Sono
  • Editing
    Sion Sono
  • Photography
    Kensuke Suzuki
  • With
    Akira Fujiwara, Michiko Hida, Hiromi Kawanishi, Sion Sono
French premiere - Presentation reserved to audience above 12

Friday 7 September 2018 - 18:45 - Showroom 300

In what looks like a highschool, young adults fight, crap in public parks, scream, jump into sewer waste waters, and chase each other for no apparent reason.

After I am Sono Sion!, that mixed autobiographical elements and artistic performances, Sono Sion goes further and signs his first feature film, filled with the same rage and fury that runs through his entire career. The film was shown in film festivals rewarding the author with a grant that allowed him to make Bicycle Sighs. A Man's Flower Road is a seminal uppercut, an essential film that echoes Sion's later Why don't you play in hell?.

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