Poster 2019

Here we are !

Who would have thought a quarter of a century ago that a whole pan of cinema would finally find its ideal place and would shine in the most prestigious events and official circuits? Honestly, very few people.
In the early 90s "genre" cinema was in a sorry state. It has seriously been reinvigorated since the beginning of the new century.
You people who have always been here, you faithful cinema lovers eagerly awaiting each new edition of your Étrange Festival, were never fooled.
At our side, you've had the singular privilege to witness the evolution of the most outrageous, joyful and stimulating cinematographies.
So it's for you and also for the newcomers whom we salute, that this 25th edition spreads out over 12 days of uninterrupted revelry
Over 300 hours of retinal explosions, unusual points of view, unsettling propositions for an idyllic and extravagant paradise.
From all corners of the Earth, the cream of the bizarre awaits you for a Pantagruelian feast.
As Jean-Pierre Dionnet, one of this edition's major guests (at last!) says: "L’Étrange Festival will last eternally because it's one of the few places where one can still be stirred by films and ideas unexpected before entering the theater."
We humbly believe we've put together the most comprehensive and representative panorama of the "spirit" we've been defending for over two decades, as testified in the following pages.
Let you be the judge, and most of all enjoy it in our company.

And onwards for the next 25 years !

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