Chromo sud

After Voyageur Diurne and Homeo, here's the third and last short from experimental filmmaker Étienne O’Leary from Quebec. This psychedelic and kaleïdoscopic journey, shot in France, is a grand testimony of the May 1968 events.

Jean-Pierre Bouyxou

The last of the three short psychedelic films directed in France between 1966 and  1968 by  Etienne O'Leary, a young Canadian filmmaker, is the most intense and hypnotic. It shares Lautréamont's incantatory and refractory rage, with a lysergic edge. O'Leary died in 2011 in a Montreal psychiatric hospital at 66 years of age. He didn't shoot anything more after Southern Chromo, a landmark of his era's underground cinema.

Chromo sud. 1968. Color. 21mn. French. France. Experimental.
Direction: Etienne O'Leary. Production: Etienne O'Leary. Screenplay: Etienne O'Leary. Editing: Etienne O'Leary. Photography: Etienne O'Leary. Music by: Etienne O'Leary. With: Michel Auder, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Margareth Clémenti, Michèle Giraud, Jean-Jacques Lebel.
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