King Kong

Director Carl Denham sails to Skull Island with a film crew to make film featuring native tribes and their ancestral rituals. But his female star is kidnapped by a giant creature. The film crew sets off in pursuit through the hostile jungle...

A classic of the genre, made during the blessed pre-code period of American cinema , that allowed all possible audacities, this film spawned many remakes and sequels (Son of Kong) - like the one by Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings), who is an absolute fan of the original - or the recent Kong : Skull Island. The ultimate monster movie and a cornerstone of adventure cinema.




I must have been 12 when I discovered the 1933 version of King Kong... At the time I was in the habit of creeping out of bed to watch the late night movie. My parents were sleeping in the next room so I kept the volume really low... Every Sunday night I'd gobble up the classics of the 7th Art with the same kind of guilty pleasure you get from watching porn.

I lived in a little provincial town.

This soulless place's only purpose was to make you evil or depressive. I already felt in my mouth the metallic taste of boredom and defeat...What a shitty world!

Then suddenly drums are beating, trees come crashing down with sinister cracks, the beautiful half naked blonde screams in terror.. The ground shakes...The King himself leaps into my parents' living room... And I can tell you the hairy mofo was a real badass ! 

King Kong is first of all a surprising narrative structure. The movie starts as a social drama then switches to an adventure story to finally end as a zoophile melodrama...

Beauty, poetry, violence, rhythm. Everything is there, (a bit like The Night of the Hunter, in a different register). Anyway, on that Sunday night, a long time ago, the Kong seed was sown into my not quite finished brain...

As I went to bed, I knew the giant ape was now by my side. Together we would destroy these fucking buildings that brought me down...

And travel far away.

King Kong. 1933. Black and white. 100mn. Original version with French subtitles. USA. Adventure, Fantasy.
Direction: Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack. Production: Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack. Screenplay: James A. Creelman, Ruth Rose. Editing: Ted Cheesman. Photography: Eddie Linden, Vernon Walker, J.O. Taylor. Music by: Max Steiner. With: Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot.
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