The odd family: zombie on sale

In a little Korean village, a pharmaceutical corporation leads experiments in great secrecy. Unfortunately one of these brings recently deceased people back to life in the form of zombies. But when a bitten old man retrieves the virility of a teenager, all the village elders want to be munched.

The genre may seem worn out, wrung dry, but no way : zombie movies keep coming back with singular and original treatments like the recent One Cut of the Dead by Shin’ichiro Ueda, Last Train to Busan by Yeon Sang-ho or the coming Return to Zombieland by Ruben Fleischer. For his first feature film, Lee Min-jae focuses on entertainment and a goofy plot for a fun, pleasurable and generous result.

The odd family: zombie on sale. 2019. Color. 112mn. Original version with English subtitles. South Korea. Comedy, Fantasy.
Direction: Lee Min-jae. Production: Jang Jin-seung, Eum Zoo-young. Screenplay: Lee Min-jae, Jung Seo-in. Editing: Kim Sun-min. Photography: Cho Hyoung-rae. Music by: Hwang Sang-jun. With: Jung Jae-young, Kim Nam-gil, Uhm Ji-won, Lee Soo-kyung.
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