Vu par mon chien (trente ans de culottes)

During three decades, a very obsessive Parisian using a sophisticated device, secretly filmed the underskirts of women he stalked on the streets...

Jean-Pierre Bouyxou

If numerous monomaniacs appear on screen, very few have stepped behind the camera. That's what makes Charles Way fascinating. The man was a true loony. From the Liberation of France to the mid seventies, he spent his time filming up-skirt shots, unknown by his female victims, in the street or in the stairways of the Parisian subway, with a 16mm camera hidden in a saxophone case. Panties and only panties, sometimes only glimpsed at, or suggested in lacy darkness. Nowadays he would be thrown in prison. And wrongly so. This assumed voyeur, who shares his obsession with us, was no doubt a poet.

Vu par mon chien (trente ans de culottes). 1945 / 1975. Black and white. 80mn. Mute. France. Archives.
Direction: Anonymous.
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