Coffin homes

Poster Coffin homes

Three stories about haunted (mini) houses set in bedspace apartments, also called coffin homes, that are proliferating in Hong Kong.

Seventeen years after his brilliant Dumplings, Fruit Chan returns to the genre, with the same metaphorical verve, to express contemporary anguish. The housing crisis in Hong Kong is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for horror films (remember Pang Ho-Cheung's super gory Dream Home). "Some citizens are so desperate that they would rather buy a haunted apartment at an affordable price and share a home with a ghost than not owning one", says Fruit Chan. Coffin homes, mini-houses for mega-fears!

Gwai Tung Nei Jyu.

Color - 107mn - Original version with English subtitles
Hong Kong.
Comedy, Horror.
Direction: Fruit Chan.
Production: Fruit Chan.
Screenplay: Fruit Chan.
Editing: Tin Sub-fat.
Photography: Chan Ka-shun.
With: You-Nam Wong, Tai-Bo, Paul Che, Loletta Lee.
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