Junk head

Poster Junk head

Humans no longer die, nor do they procreate either. Their clones, who used to take care obediently of the most dangerous and tiring tasks, have rebelled and are exiled to an immense subterranean world...

2014 : Takahide Hori, a 43 year old Japanese interior decorator, takes the breath away of those who discovered Junk Head, a 30 minute apocalyptic stop motion gem he made all by himself over the course of four years. 2017: after overcoming numerous hardships, still on his own, he prolongs it into a feature film. Released in Japan this year, Junk Head is a bit like Giger in a dialog with the Quay Brothers, with Tetsuo as the moderator. The sharp cyberpunk blade is mellowed by the presence of dolls, with one essential ingredient : a zany sense of humor, as for instance in the nonsensical dialog subtitled in an incomprehensible language. A genius has born and is offering you his delirious world where love, gore and beauty all rhyme.

Junk head.

Color - 101mn - Original version with French subtitles
Animation, Science-fiction, Comedy.
Direction: Takahide Hori.
Screenplay: Takahide Hori.
Photography: Takahide Hori.
Music by: Takahide Hori.
With: Takahide Hori.
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